Incentives and Supporting Measures Promoting Xiangxiang's Agriculture Industrialization in 2016

Updated: 2016-11-03
The government officials of Xiangxiang city, Hunan province have issued the Incentives and Supporting Measures on Promoting Xiangxiang's Agriculture Industrialization in 2016, to boost development of agriculture industrialization, increase farmers' income and make better use of special funds.
Scope and criteria of incentives

Vegetable industry - 500,000 yuan ($71,899)
Each vegetable base plants vegetables based on standard technology, and the vegetables have been certificated as pollution-free, green and organic products along with geographical indications.
In addition to self-checking of quality, each base shall have outlet stores in urban areas and offers vegetables to urban residents.
The area of greenhouses exceeds 20 mu (1.33 hectares).
The total planting area exceeds more than 150 mu and the base meets the standard of a pollution-free environment.
Each base can help increase the income of over 150-household rural families.
Awards: Every year the government will select top five bases and award each with 100,000 yuan.

Deep processing industry of agriculture products (240,000 yuan)
Scope: grain, deep processing of pigs, processing of tea and food
The company’s fixed assets of last year exceed 10 million yuan and the newly-increased fixed investment exceeds 5 million yuan.
The company generates an output value of over 20 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 20 percent.
Annual tax revenue amounts to 5 million yuan, up 20 percent.
Consumed local agricultural raw materials account for over 40 percent of the total agricultural raw materials.
The company can help increase the income of over 100-household rural families, and each year it is able to help 50 more households.
The company offers over 100 jobs annually with a year-on-year increase of 20 percent.
Awards: A total of eight companies will be funded each year, including one first-place prize awarded with 60,000 yuan, two second-place prizes each funded with 40,000 yuan, and five third-place prizes each granted with 20,000 yuan.

Leisure agriculture industry (100,000 yuan)
Yearly income reaches over 5 million yuan.
The company receives tourists numbering over 50,000 every year.
Annual tax revenue amounts to 100,000 yuan.
The company can help increase the income of over 200-household rural families
The company has a base with an area of more than 150 mu.
The company offers over 50 jobs annually.
Awards: Two companies will be funded each year, including one first-place prize awarded with 60,000 yuan, and one second-place prizes funded with 40,000 yuan.

Planting and breeding industries (160,000 yuan)
Scope: planting of fruit, flowers and seedlings, featured breeding
The planting area covers an area of over 200 mu.
Professional cooperatives and family farmers highlighting featured planting and breeding, as well as demonstration effect.
Awards: Eight professional cooperatives and family farmers will be each awarded with 20,000 yuan.

Construction of demonstration agriculture area (200,000 yuan)
The government will allocate 200,000 yuan to construct a 10,000-mu demonstration area for quality rice.

Industrialization service, brand construction and promotion
Criteria and awards:
The leading company that earns Chinese famous brand and Hunan provincial famous brand status in the current year, and national or provincial 5-star leisure farm status will be awarded with 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, respectively.
Companies with pollution-free products, green food, organic food and geographical indication will receive awards of 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 yuan, respectively.

Construction of innovation and entrepreneurship service platform (500,000 yuan)
The government will distribute 500,000 yuan to build an innovation and entrepreneurship service platform to support the entrepreneurship incubation base.

Oil and tea industries (1 million yuan)
The supporting measures for the oil and tea industries will be rolled out and implemented by the forestry authorities.

Application and acceptance
All the companies that comply with the above terms without any illegal behavior can submit applications to the agriculture industrialization department of the Xiangxiang Agriculture Bureau before Oct 30 of the current year. However, those that have already received provincial funds can not enjoy the above support.
The evaluation and acceptance will be conducted by the agriculture bureau before Nov 31.
The special funds will be allocated by the financial bureau to the agriculture bureau, which will then distribute the money to companies and individuals.

If the number of eligible candidates is less than the planned number, the extra fund will be carried forward to the next year.