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Xiangxiang says no to excessive education in kindergartens

Updated: 2019-01-10


Thirty kindergarten representatives in Xiangxiang gather to meet at a meeting to discuss better child care policies on Jan. 8. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

The Xiangxiang government is launching a targeted initiative to eliminate the excessive burdens on preprimary children as the city hosted a child care exchange meeting in Shangyue Kindergarten on Jan. 8 involving 30 representatives of the city’s kindergartens.

In order to improve the child care capabilities, promote sound development of children in kindergartens and prevent kindergartens from becoming primary schools, local government launched a special action to forbid kindergartens from teaching primary school contents to the children and correct the teaching methods. Government officials visited more than 80 times during the inspections and supervised 15 kindergartens to revise their teaching environment and methods.


Representatives of kindergartens in Xiangxiang speak at a meeting to express their views on better child care actions on Jan. 8. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

The representative of Shangyue Kindergarten introduced the facility’s ideology of kindergarten operation, construction of teachers’ team and the achievements made during the years, which was positively received by other representatives.

The meeting again stressed the importance of child care and the urgency of preventing and revising the tendency of kindergartens becoming primary schools, and proposed to use advanced ideas to run kindergartens and build a better platform for the teachers to improve their capabilities.