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First county-level professional auto market in Hunan opens

Updated: 2019-01-07


A demonstration map of the Zhongnan International Automobile City. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

Zhongnan International Automobile City, the first county-level  automobile market in Hunan Province, opened to the public on Jan. 6. It is one of the key investment projects and major urban planning projects in Xiangxiang City.

Invested by Hunan Yusheng Development Co., Ltd, the automobile market is close to the bus station with a total area of 150 mu (10,000 square meters). It aims to build a one-stop automobile trade market which integrates the functions of car sales, after-sale service, information consultant, car decoration and automobile finance with more than 60 brands. With specialized operation model and diversified consumption model, the automobile market is committed to building an automobile sales and supporting service center by attracting internationally famous automobile dealers and automobile aftermarkets and integrating the automobile markets in Xiangtan and Xiangxiang areas.


The Zhongnan International Automobile City attracts lots of visitors at the opening day on Jan. 6. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

The automobile market will be built in two phases with a total investment of 800 million yuan.  It is divided into six functional areas, including international brand exhibition area, car sales area, new energy automobile sales area,  high-quality pre-owned cars sales area, automobile aftermarket and business supporting area. So far more than 20 automobile enterprises  have settled here.

According to the head of Hunan Yusheng Development Co., Ltd, about 6,000 cars will be sold annually and 3,000 jobs will be created since the operation of Zhongnan International Automobile City which plays an important role in promoting the development of modern automobile service, improving urban functions and strengthening regional economic competitiveness of Xiangxiang City.


People consult the purchase of stalls in the Zhongnan International Automobile City on Jan. 6. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

Mr. Liu came to the marketing center with his daughter very early to select a stall. He had keeping an eye on the project since he heard the news and gathered information from many channels. He signed the sales contract in the opening day to enjoy discounts.

Reporters find that investors are able to enjoy some benefits if they purchase the stalls. They can enjoy a 2% discount on the first day of opening. Customers who have sighed sales contracts can take part in lucky draws with the winning rate of 100% and have the opportunity to win the use rights of a BMW car. According to the statistics, 65% of the shops has been subscribed in the first day.