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Xiangxiang launches 4th national economic census

Updated: 2019-01-03


Zhou Shangling (front),  member of CPC Xiangxiang Municipal Committee and leader of the fourth national economic census leading group, visits local companies to lauch the fourth national economic census in Xiangxiang. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

On Jan. 2, Zhou Shangling, member of CPC Xiangxiang Municipal Committee and leader of the fourth national economic census leading group, carried out the fourth national economic census with enumerators in some companies, which officially marks the launch of the census.

According to the report, all the legal entities and self-employed entrepreneurs engaging in the second and third industries in Xiangxiang City were all included in the economic census. The registration work began on Dec. 31, 2018 and companies were asked to offer the data from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 in 2018. From January to April in 2019, census enumerators will pay a visit to these companies to do the registration work.


Zhou Shangling (in red) leads a team of enumerators to talk with entrepreneurs in Xiangxiang. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

“How much do enterprises know about the national economic census and how about the state of their business now?” Each time Zhou visited companies, she would talk with heads of these companies to take a closer look at their business arrangement. In the meantime, she would also introduce the significance of national economic census for enterprises operation and social development and checked the data collection work through the PAD on the hands of enumerators.


Zhou Shangling (R) talks with enumerators. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

Zhou Shangling pointed out that the fourth national economic census is conducive to the comprehensive understanding of the economic development of Xiangxiang City and provides scientific basis for judging economic situation, formulating development plan, accelerating industrial upgrading and improving the quality of economic development. The authenticity and accuracy of the data from economic census has direct influence on the high-quality development of Xiangxiang City. Thus, all of the enterprises and self-employed business are expected to cooperate with investigators and fill in the census data in accordance with the truth in order to ensure the quality of the census.